Where Does Your Body Need Some Help??

What Are You Looking For??

Many people think that increasing aches and pains is a normal part of "getting older". Especially when we are trying to stay active.

We stretch, work out more, try to sleep in different positions, but nothing to seems to relieve that nagging tension, tightness, or outright pain.

Those of us who've experienced injuries in the past are even more likely to think, "Is this the way it is now?"

We tell others "Ever since I ______________ (broke my leg, hurt my back, got in that accident) it's just never felt right." We go to chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists for relief. But the relief doesn't last.

What are we missing??

We each have a "wetsuit" of connective tissue under our skin that supports, stabilizes, and protects our muscles, bones, and bodies overall.

When our connective tissue or fascia becomes "dehydrated" by repetitive movements, injuries, or just day-to-day living, it can create pain, stiffness, or misalignments in the body.

We can go to chiropractors (who work on alignment and joints) or massage therapists (who work on muscles) and it feels better for awhile.

But inevitably it just keeps coming back.

It's because we are leaving out a huge part of our body structure: connective tissue.

We call dehydration in the connective tissue "stuck stress".

Imagine learning simple techniques you can practice at home to restore your connective tissue and eliminate stuck stress, pain, & stiffness in your body.

☑️ Find relief at home, right when you need it.

☑️ Save time and money on repetitive treatments that don't address the root of the problem.

☑️ Eliminate frustration in the recovery process.

☑️ Get out of the revolving door of injury recovery.

☑️ Learn not only to restore your body, but prevent future injuries and health issues too.

☑️ Overcome feeling discouraged, defeated, or fearful that this is "just the way things are now."

How Does It Work??

Step 1. Assess Your Body to Identify Where You Hold Stuck Stress

Step 2. Implement Techniques to Eliminate Pain & Stiffness

Step 3. Incorporate Strength Work to Stabilize the Body

Classes We Offer:

MELT Your Hands & Feet Workshops

Our hand & foot workshops are organized to introduce you the basic concepts of the MELT method (assessments, gliding, shearing, and rinsing) on the hands and feet to relieve overall body tension and pain. We also cover a "facelift" technique that relieves tension in the face, jaw, & neck.

This is a great class for those who have a lot of pain or complex health issues or for those who have specific hand & foot issues.

MELT Your Body Drop-In Classes

Drop-in classes are 50 minute sessions located here in Central Illinois. In these classes we focus primarily on using the MELT soft roller to address stuck stress, pain, & stiffness in the entire body.

Each class varies and focuses on different moves & body parts (back, neck/shoulders, hips/pelvis, legs, knees, etc.) We do occasionally cover some hand & foot techniques.

These classes are ideal for those who are currently active and can easily get up and down off the floor.

Breath Work Classes

Breathwork is a growing field that helps individuals to tap into their nervous system, relieving stuck stress, anxiety, pent up emotions, and more.

Full Body Strength with Yoga Hammock

Keeping our bodies strong is an important part of protecting our health in the long run and keeping our mobility.

But going to gym isn't everyone's favorite thing to do. Full Body Strength with Yoga Hammock offers a fun way to incorporate strength work into your week in a whole new way!

NOTE: Washington & North Peoria Folks - we also teach Yoga Hammock classes at AerFire Aerial Arts & Fitness - you can check the schedule and register through their studio for that location.

Full Body Stretch with Yoga Hammock

This class is focused on full body stretching (big surprise!) as well as incorporating breathing techniques, increasing body awareness, and reducing stress.

We will cover upper body, spinal care, lower body, & more! Join us for a relaxing and fun class!

NOTE: Washington & North Peoria Folks - we also teach Yoga Hammock classes at AerFire Aerial Arts & Fitness - you can check the schedule and register through their studio for that location.

Private 1-1 Sessions

Sometimes we just need direct, one-to-one guidance. Book private sessions with Joyce in person or via Zoom.

Private sessions include whatever techniques are necessary to meet your body's needs including MELT techniques, Yoga Hammock, Strength Training, and Corrective Exercise.

Want to take a class with your friends??

Private Events

Hosting private events can be a fun way to spoil your co-workers/employees, family, or friends!

Perfect for:

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Adult Birthday Celebrations

  • Women's Groups

  • Church Groups

  • Leadership Events

  • Employee Health Program Events

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