Is Your Body

Trying to Tell

You Something?

Many people think that increasing aches and pains is a normal part of "getting older".

We stretch, work out more, try to sleep in different positions, but nothing to seems to relieve that nagging tension, tightness, or outright pain.

Those of us who've experienced injuries in the past are even more likely to think, "Is this the way it is now?"

We tell others "Ever since I ______________ (broke my leg, hurt my back, got in that accident) it's just never felt right." We go to chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists for relief. But the relief doesn't last.

What are we missing??

We each have a "wetsuit" of connective tissue under our skin that supports, stabilizes, and protects our muscles, bones, and bodies overall.

When our connective tissue or fascia becomes "dehydrated" by repetitive movements, injuries, or just day-to-day living, it can create pain, stiffness, or misalignments in the body.

We can go to chiropractors (who work on alignment and joints) or massage therapists (who work on muscles) and it feels better for awhile.

But inevitably it just keeps coming back.

It's because we are leaving out a huge part of our body structure: connective tissue.

We call dehydration in the connective tissue "stuck stress".

Imagine learning simple techniques you can practice at home to restore your connective tissue and eliminate stuck stress in your body.

☑️Find relief at home, right when you need it.

☑️Save time and money on repetitive treatments that don't address the root of the problem.

☑️Eliminate frustration in the recovery process.

☑️Get out of the revolving door of injury recovery.

☑️Learn not only to restore your body, but prevent future injuries and health issues too.

☑️Overcome feeling discouraged, defeated, or fearful that this is "just the way things are now."

Still wondering if MELT is for you??

Check out our MELT Frequently Asked Questions!

Ready to jump in?? Pick a Track!

Option 1:

Simple Start Track

This track is for people who:

  • Have specific hand & foot issues they want to address first.
  • Have significant pain issues that make getting up and down, lying on the floor, or practicing basic moves (like standing, laying on a roller, etc.) to be challenging.
  • Folks who DO NOT typically practice simple fitness type activities at least 1-2 times a week (walking, stretching, biking, yoga, or similar)

If this is you, your first step is to attend one of our Introductory Workshops!!


What are Introductory Workshops??

Our introductory workshops are organized to introduce you the basic concepts of the method (assessments, gliding, shearing, and rinsing) on the hands and feet to relieve overall body tension and pain.

We also cover a "facelift" technique that relieves tension in the face, jaw, & neck AND we cover the 3-D Breath breakdown and Basic Neck Release.

Current Workshop Schedule

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Introduction to MELT


Bloomington, IL

3-4:30pm CST

Investment: $30 (only 10 Spots Available)

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

Introduction to MELT

Via Zoom

6-730pm CST


$49 includes shipping for single large soft MELT ball.

($30 for those who already have MELT balls)

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Introduction to MELT

AerFire Aerial Arts & Fitness

Rte 24, Washington, IL

1:00pm-2:30pm CST

Investment: $30 (only 10 Spots Available)

Option 2:

Ready to Jump In Track

This track is for people who:

  • Have more body pain/stiffness that they would like to address, AND
  • Can easily get up and down off the floor.
  • Practice basic fitness activities such as walking, stretching, biking, yoga, pilates, etc. at least 1-2x a week.
  • Have some pain or stiffness in certain areas of their body but it doesn't limit their ability to get fitness in.

If this is you, your first step is to attend on of our Drop-In Classes!!


What are Drop-In Classes??

Drop-in classes are 50 minute sessions located here in Central Illinois. In these classes we focus primarily on using the MELT soft roller to address stuck stress, pain, & stiffness in the entire body.

Each class varies and focuses on different moves & body parts (back, neck/shoulders, hips/pelvis, legs, knees, etc. (We do cover some hands & feet sometimes).

Current Drop In Locations & Schedule

AerFire Aerial Arts & Fitness

Rte 24, Washington, IL

Tuesday Mornings 10-10:50 AM

Tuesday Evenings 5-5:50 PM

Investment: $16 per session

(Packages available)

To Register for Drop-In Classes: You must create an account through the AerFire and purchase there.

Online Via Zoom

Drop-In Classes

Sunday Evenings: 7-7:50 PM

Thursday Evenings 7-7:50 PM

Investment: $16 per session

(Use the Chatbot on this page to ask about Packages)

Want to Host a MELT Session at Your Office, Church Group, or with Friends??

Hosting a MELT Session can be a fun way to spoil your co-workers/employees or friends!

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