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Welcome to Practice Simple Wellness!

We are NOT your average fitness studio.

Our mission is to help you feel your best in your body.

We do that in 2 ways:

  • Eliminate pain & stiffness so you can move easier and feel more comfortable in your day.

  • Get in shape so you can continue to feel great for years to come.

At Practice Simple Wellness, we specialize in techniques that hydrate connective tissue, restoring the "slide and glide" of your muscles and joints and eliminating pain & stiffness for good.

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We offer techniques and classes you won't find anywhere else in Central Illinois!

  • MELT Method - restores fluid flow in fascia to create more "slide & glide" in your joints.

  • Block Therapy - addresses restrictions in fascia to eliminate stiffness & limited range of motion in your joints/muscles.

  • Hypopressives - reconnects healthy pelvic floor functioning using diaphragmatic breathing in combination with specific postures.

Hi, I'm Joyce!

Over the past 10 years I've experienced several health setbacks and challenges, none of which were fun! From a rough childbirth experience to neurological issues, a severely broken leg followed by a car accident; I've had my share of down time due to health issues.

While the medical world had a definite role in my healing journey, it was often the things I did at home that helped me feel better in the moment and speed my recovery. Practice Simple Wellness is for those who find themselves wanting better health and are looking for simple ways to feel better and support themselves at home.


Great class! Learned new techniques to help with my right knee and hip pain and general stiffness. Highly recommend!

Stacy (Peoria, IL)

Great class! Joyce does a good job of explaining the melt method. It felt great. Can’t wait to keep going with what I learned. It all makes sense. I’m really glad I went and can’t wait to learn more!

Robin (Peoria, IL)

I am so glad I found Joyce and MELT!!! I love how she walks us through each of the steps and customizes each class depending on the responses we give as we check in with our bodies. This has made a tremendous difference for me in how my body feels and moves!! Thank you Joyce!

Ronai B. (Minnesota)

We've been there...

At PSW, we know you are the kind of person who wants to feel your best in your body. You refuse to accept that pain & stiffness are a "normal" part of getting older.

Perhaps you've tried different things to feel better:

👉 Physical Therapy

👉 Massage

👉 Chiropractic

👉 Yoga or Pilates

These things help but pain or stiffness keeps coming back.

How can we get in shape or lose weight if have pain & stiffness?? Or worse, we move forward anyway - jumping into a new fitness program and find ourselves injured or in even more pain.

We've been there. We understand what it feels like to feel stuck with pain/stiffness, while not having a clear plan on how to get better. To feel like we've done all the things but nothing seems to truly heal our bodies.

What we have learned is that there is more to the pain story than just muscles & joints. Until we understand the missing piece of the puzzle (fascia) and the role it plays in lingering pain issues - we will continue to struggle.

That’s why we created Practice Simple Wellness. To share what we have learned & experienced for ourselves so YOU can find the relief you are looking for.

How Can Practice Simple Wellness Help You Get and Stay Healthy At Home?

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